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Many financial advisors build a practice without considering how their business fits into the rest of their life.


Created by business coach Brendan Barca, this seminar teaches advisors how to build a practice around their life, rather than a life around their practice. Advisors will learn how to prioritize the essential, eliminate the noise, multiply their time and take back their life for a better 2023.


You will learn how ... 
  • to create a priority matrix that includes both personal and business priorities

  • to create your non-negotiables to build (or rebuild) a sustainable practice 

  • other advisors are using the reverse bucket list to curb bad habits 

  • to develop a multiplier mentality and get more time back in your day 

Join us!
  • February 16

  • Noon Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern

  • Via Zoom

We hope to see you there!

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Brendan Barca is an international speaker, sought after consultant, industry-leading social selling expert and the founder of Brendan Barca Solutions LLC. He challenges and inspires financial services professionals to modernize their marketing and "get social" to acquire clients. Brendan has worked with thousands of financial advisors and wholesalers to help them define their digital selling strategy, expand their prospecting reach, create their online brand, and build trust virtually by leading with value. 

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