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Managed Account Solution

Grow Your Business With the NWPS-LeafHouse Managed Account Service

Offer an affordable, personalized experience to help your clients’ employees get ready for


Many prospective retirement plan clients are looking for an in-plan solution for their employees that makes saving for retirement easier.

Advisors like you may be looking for a solution that supports and complements your value. The NWPS-LeafHouse managed account can help.

Read's article about the 2022 LeafHouse National Retirement Symposium where a panel covered trends and recordkeeping advisor partnerships.

Unlike the popular target date funds, it offers a personalized employee experience that considers the employee’s date of birth, expected Social Security benefit, retirement age, gender, salary, balance, contributions and retirement needs.

More importantly, employees can also add outside assets, spending needs and where they plan to retire for a more tailored experience. From this, they get a savings rate recommendation and personalized investment allocations. The service also takes care of automatic rebalancing for them, annually and/or if their situation or the market changes. 

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